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tv   News  ABC  February 12, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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the snow banks are breaking the bank as we look out on our slippery sidewalks
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and slushy streets. we wonder how much will this cost even for charities? a woman strolling with her baby is attacked in las vegas. this story is as bad as it gets. wait till you hear it. and you can bobsled out your back door and ski through your neighborhood. you'll be watching the winter olympics. tonight it's happening in vancouver. >> there we go. good morning, it is friday. i was on northern parkway yesterday. i felt like i was in doctarip remember that tv show? they have potholes that are unbelievable. >> huge. >> so after all this snow, we'll have problems. it's not like a block but the whole northern parkway. >> it's really, really bad. >> that's another price to add to this. here's meteorologist justin berk with our weather. >> all right. i'm traying to sort through the e-mail. i overloaded my inbox. i have pictures that i haven't seen yet and i'm trying to find them because i heard about the
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pictures of the snow sculptures you have done. i'll get them on the air as soon as i can find them. let's get to the headlines. we have ourselves a debate here. a lot of people are hearing about some snow and they don't want to hear about some snow. we've got an icy more thanking this morning, but clear and dry. this afternoon will be sun and melting. another storm possible on the way for monday, but it just can't be as strong. it can't be. we'll keep saying that. it can't be. >> it better not be. >> it better not be. for my health, safety and security it better not be. rift reisterstown, good morning to the folks in mema. we'll get up to 37 this afternoon, mostly sunny, a breeze up to about 20 miles per hour. we'll talk about a storm this weekend staying to our south, but the other one could arrive early next week. right now, here's kim brown with traffic. >> still doing a lot of plowing
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and causing delays northbound on the harbor tunnel with the right lane blocked. southbound on the fort mchenry tunnel, the right lane is blocked for snow removal. show patience and stay out of the way of the plow trucks. southbound on the harrisburg expressway, an overturned vehicle is blocking the right lane there. also southbound at the beltway, the left lane is blocked from an earlier lingering crash. jamie and megan, back to you. i'm sorry to tell enthusiasm story fist thing in the morning. a baby is dead and two women hospitalized after a man with an ax attacked them outside of a las vegas, nevada home. a woman was pushing her stroller thursday when a man came out of the house with an ax and attacked her. the baby was killed, the woman critically injured. inside the house, police found a second woman suffering from stab wounds. police have no apparent motive for the attack. the man was arrested. 6:33. listen, we told enthusiasm would happen, and we warned you
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yesterday about this. >> you have no place to park except for really the back of a tow truck is your option it appears in the city. linda so has furious people this morning. linda? >> reporter: even though the snow has stopped falling, there seems to be another type of storm brewing here in the city. this time it has to do with parking. the city has begun to ticket and tow cars parked on snow emergency routes like here along york road. the problem is for a lot of people in the city, getting the cars from out under the snow has been nearly impossible. when snowplows come by and clear off the streets, so much snow gets pushed up onto the cars there's no way to dig it out. starting yesterday, the city began ticketing and towing cars parked on the snow emergency routes. towing fees reaching around $250. >> i don't think we should be getting tickets when the weather's like this even in some snow emergency routes. the people get stuck and can't move. they have nowhere to put their
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cars, especially seniors. >> reporter: now, the mayor has a simple explanation for this. she says it isn't snowing anymore, and it's time for the city to start moving on. when cars are parked along snow emergency routes it makes it difficult for trucks to come with the plows and clear off the street. so the city has cleared off school parking lot where's you can park your car. you can find a list of the schools at johns hopkins university is allowing people who live near their campus to park in the garages for free until this saturday. we're live in north baltimore. linda so, abc 2 news. the 2010 winter olympics, we've been living it through this week digging out the mailbox. the winter games may have less appeal as many of those sports are ones you often don't see. >> yeah, have you ever heard of skeleton or curling? love curling. well, they are olympic sports. mark mullen reports not
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everyone has heard of them. >> reporter: the biggest olympic race got under way days before tonight's opening ceremony in vancouver with officials dashing trucks of snow to cypress mountain before unseasonably warm weather and rain could melt it. >> come hell or rainwater, we will be at cypress. >> reporter: less an ideal conditions for skiers, snowboarders and even the tv audience which as a result may not see stellar performances. the biggest challenge, the type of sports offered. sure, americans are familiar with figure skating but what about the unfamiliar sports and disciplines like curling? how do you score a point in curling? >> that sounds like weight lifting. i don't know what curling is. >> reporter: it's a game played on ice. familiar with the biathlon. >> in the military, we had rifle and running. >> reporter: close, cross-
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country skiing and rifle shooting. >> how about the super g is that the latest of kenny g? >> no. >> reporter: and did you hear a latvian is favored to beat all competition in the skeleton race. >> i have the preference of the summer olympics. >> reporter: many americans do, especially when there is a u.s. star like michael phelps breaking records. the winter gapes have no such dramatic story lines. not that fans won't be rooting for their favorite team but with unfamiliar sports it may be hard to tell who wins. >> curling? >> maybe this will spark a whole new interest in curling or something. that would be fun. >> would you do that would you say? >> thanks for keeping my secret safe. when i sweep, i pretend like i'm a curler and slide across the floor like that. >> i like that. that's good. have i to get a picture of that. imagine having a big bay
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window that overlooks the universe. >> that's what the astronauts of the international space station now have. why would think think it's tranquil? the battle over whaling crossed another line. for the fist time, confrontations on the open sea has resulted in somebody getting hurt. the battle between palm trees and snow. here's a southern storm that stays to the south in places like leent, columbia, south carolina, even savannah, georgia could get snow out of the storm. more on that and more work could be reaching us early next week coming up. now let's get a quick peek at the roads. here's kim. >> reporter: thanks, justen. a lot of people are headed back to work and a couple of accidents causing a slowdown in areas. now let's get a check of the mta and buses and trains with mark jones. >> reporter: good morning, mta bus is providing limited service. light rail operating every 30 minutes in glen burnie
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including bwi but no pen service. the monday documenten station to john hopkins is every 15 minutes. m.a.r.c. train is operating at a half line service on the penn line. and for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. hobia. i'm not roaster-phobic. my perdue oven ready roaster is already seasoned in its own cooking bag. and it cooks in about half the time. my work here is done. [ male announcer ] now try perdue oven ready bone-in breast and cornish hens.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. all right. 6:42. former president bill clinton is expected to get out of the hospital as early as today. had he two stents placed for a clogged heart artery after experiencing chest pains. the 63-year-old is said to be in good spirits. he was up and moving around a few hours after the stents will be in place. a new piece of tranquility on the international space station. look at this, astronauts on board "endeavour" have attached a room which they named
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tranquility to the space station. space walkers are expected to hookup power and data cables to the room and have a huge bay window so they can look out and enjoy. check out this video. this is shot from a japanese whaling vessel in the antarctic ocean. the boat you are looking at right there carrying whaling protesters. the sea ship reportedly fired acid injuring three crew members. then they say wait a minute it was only acid in name only. what do z. that mean? >> maybe the stuff from rancid butter, the nontoxic harmless stuff. that's what they are saying. >> thank pup our crews are still working to clear your readies. >> who's going to pay for all of this. >> reporter: how much did the snow removal cost us? that's up next. and everyone wants their streets plowed but it just isn't that easy.
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we'll see what plow drivers are having to deal with to help you out. the piles of snow are making it a bit more of a challenge nor firefighters. how 50 inches of the white stuff helped burn down part of the fire station. stars will be shining tonight in baltimore. what cap ripken has showing up for a party.
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we can see the finish line. we can see the checkered flag. they are running the daytona 500 sunday and we can see the checkered flag already. let's start with maryland's most powerful radar with justin berk. >> we were channeling chandler bing this morning. can there be any more snow? yeah there could be. and on the eastern shore, we're closing in on 80 inches for the season in baltimore. 24 centreville, 26 edgemere and 22 from westminster back to
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mount airy. our windchill's not a major factor and we are working on clearing some parking lots. in is 12. vet reason's elementary with snow piles which mean these melt during the day and refreeze overnight. look out for the steps, the drive way and the parking lots. this is where there could be more snow across the deep south. we have high pressure in control that is locked and blocked in place. that is good news buzz that prevents this storm from turning the corner. it will pass along the south. for mississippi, alabama, georgia, there could be snow in savannah, georgia and columbia, south carolina as this pass as long the coast. throwing high clouds into maryland that's about it. otherwise, it will be the one after that, not nearly as strong and not catching up to the system which will make next week's event not even close to what we've seen. today, 37 degrees with a partly cloudy sky. winds northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. clouds pass to the south.
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that's what the southern storm. there will be icy spots. you can't get it out of your head. mid-30s partly sunny with the southern storm south of baltimore, there will be more clouds. more on the monday snow event coming up. here's kim brown now with traffic. as we take a peek here at 95 and 195, no real problems between the beltways. south on the bw parkway approaching the beltway, the left lane is taken away because of the earlier crash. 83 south at old york road, an overturned vehicle is blocking the right lane. on the inner loop ramp, a disabled vehicle is blogging the ramp there. southbound of the fort mchenry tunnel. harveer degrace, both directions closed because of downed power lines. in perry all, checking around
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baltimore city, it's looking good in both directions. we still do have icy conditions so you might want to keep your speeds down just a touch. jamie and megan, back to you. >> we're all trying to figure out where to put all of the snow. our elected officials are trying to figure out how to pay for it. good morning, sherrie. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. during the snowstorm a number of businesses closed down completely because of the weather and some chose to stay open but had very few customers. for many businesses in the area, the snowstorms hurt their bottom line very much. very few customers braved the conditions to go to the legal businesses. several places like virginia, maryland, delaware and washington d.c. have not been able to tally the millions of dollars overbudget on snow removal. many companies are already struggling through a tough economy. the historic blizzards came with an added cost. >> we were closed about three
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days because we weren't open we clearly didn't make any money. >> reporter: you know, there are some people that actually made out pretty well during the storm. the contractors that plowed and cleared the parking lots for the area businesses. many of them were very busy so they did quite well during the storms. reporting live in timonium, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. it's one thing to battle mother nature but quite another to challenge physics and human nature. that's the challenge for plow drivers. they are hoping and coping with the cars blocking the street here and people shoveling snow from parking spots back on to the road. while plow drivers are out on the road, the very people they are trying to help are rung out of patience. >> yesterday, we trayed to help the mireman with a humvee stuck. we tried to go over there and
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help them, and we get stuck. >> shoivele out on one end and on the other end and they got all of the snow right in the middle. >> why have you plowing your car out and putting it in the middle of the sleet? now we can't do our job to help you get out, which you want to us do in the fist place so new you're stuck. >> many plow crews, especially those in baltimore city, have at least another 24 hours of haferred work ahead of them. another reminder here. when you are out there shoveling the snow, clear the fire hydrants. it could save your life or someone you know. make sure you clear vehicle ice and clear the storm drains and watch for overhanging snow and icicles that may fall. when we talk about roads not being touched in harford county, this is what we mean. this is chestnut hill road in forest hill. the person who sent thus picture says they have not seen
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a plow yet. it's clear from the picture that that's probably the case. that's the street that we're looking at. we have a pair of unfortunate deaths in our area. one happened in owings mills outside the sunoco gas station on reisterstown road. a man was working on a skid loader when a mechanical arm fell and crushed him. in harford county a contractor was struck and killed by a piece of machinery. we already know that the snowstorm kept many people trapped inside and grounded, but in michael phelps case left him dry. it kept him from the swimming competition. the four-day meet begins today and runs through monday at the university of missouri. seven minutes to go until 7:00. firefighters were forced to fight a fire at their own station for the second time in as many days. this one happened at the freedom fire department. a viewer sent us the picture of the fire. it was shooting right out of the top of the firehouse.
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firefighters believe 50 inches of snow caused part of the roof to collapse over the social hall. the collapse then struck a gas line, which then sparked the fire. volunteers were clearing the parking lot at the time, and they told tuesday was difficult for bge to even reach the building. >> once the roof collapsed, and like i said, it struck the main gas line and caught on fire. that took the building and just rolled with the fire. >> nobody was hurt and no fire engines were damaged, but the social hall was destroyed. as for the firehouse in dundalk, firefighters are temporarily working out of a high school. the flames destroyed a $600,000 fire engine delivered just last week as well as two ambulances and humvee. none of the firefighters were hurt. investigators still don't know what caused this fire. if you want to see cars without any snow on them, go down to the auto show. it's the international motor
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trend auto show that was supposed to open yesterday. thanks to a record amount of snow, the doors will open this morning at 10:00 and will run through sunday at the convention center. cal ripken's bringing out the stars for his aspire gala at the marriott waterfront. >> this is the night where we raise money for the senior foundation. so go ahead and name drop. >> jackie joyner kersey will there be. former coal great, the great joe hamann, gaylord perry, and ken singleton will be there. redskins great gregg owens. nerver to miss a party, bruce layered. the party starts tonight at 5:30. dinner at 7:00. we'll be live starting at 6:00. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> that sounds great but i think three days of sleeping sounds like a good party to me
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right now. we've got more cleanup to do. the pattern here is melting during the day, refreezing at night. mostly sunny today, 37. a storm passing to our south. you'll hear about this on gl "good morning america" with a storm passing from dallas, texas. atlanta will get snow. maybe savannah, georgia and columbia, south carolina. that's the system that misses us this weekend. we stay dry and maybe more clouds tomorrow. then we head through monday afternoon and tuesday. that storm is not nearly as strong, but we do have a chance of more snow. i'm so sorry, kim. >> reporter: it's okay, justin. apology accepted. disabled vehicles and snow removal causing delays around the area. 83 south at old york road blocked because of an overturned vehicle. we're out of time but will see you at 9:00, right? >> absolutely. >> you better be there. >> i'm there. let's go.
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